Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cork Flooring

Eco-Friendly Cork Flooring
Eco Friendly Cork Flooring:

Over the past several years, Cork Flooring has gained in popularity and has become one of the most common sustainable flooring options on the market.

Not only is it very renewable, it is comfortable and very durable. Cork has the added worth of being anti-allergenic and is resistant to insects, which makes it both healthy and safe for the occupants of a home.

Why is Cork Flooring Eco-Friendly?

Cork is additionally one of the most eco-friendly options as a result of the source of the materials, and how it is harvested.

In the Mediterranean area, there is a tree called the cork oak tree.

Once every 10 years the bark from these trees in harvested to create corks for wine bottles. It's eco-friendly as a result of the harvesting process doesn't harm the tree at all.

The left-over scraps that are remaining from producing wine bottle corks is gathered and ground up. This material is then refined into sheets and baked in a kiln.

The Benefits of Using Cork Flooring:

One of the most obvious benefits of cork is that it's produced from renewable materials and it's extremely eco friendly. As you will note, there are many other benefits for using this eco-friendly flooring as well.
  • Cork flooring that is used in 2nd floor applications or in muli-family applications has natural sound barrier characteristics.
  •  It's extremely comfortable to walk on. Cork has shock absorbing properties that make it comfortable for standing and walking. 
  • Also, because of this soft quality, it is a outstanding alternative for families with children.
  •  It is also very long-lasting and cleaning it is as simple as regular sweeping or vacuuming. The easy care is attributable to a finish that is applied to the flooring prior to installation.
  •  Mopping cork floors is not recommended, however there are cleaners usable to help take care of stains or heavily soiled areas.
  •  It's extremely attractive. Cork essentially comes in a wide variety of shades. The color is controlled through the manufacturing process by means of varying the baking time.
What's Does Cork Flooring Cost?

If you are like most homeowner's, the cost of your flooring is an very important consideration. There is good news in that cork flooring materials range between $3.50 and $6.50 per square foot, and that is very reasonable.

Cork Flooring is Beautiful
The price of the material is dependent to the finish of the cork and the type of plank you select.

A rule of thumb is that installation costs can double the product cost.

But since cork flooring is a floating type of installation, it can easily be installed by the homeowner that is reasonably handy and has a do-it-yourself understanding.

Normally, installation can be completed over a weekend, for a single room.

How to Care for Cork Flooring:
Once you've bought and installed your new floors, caring for them is very simple.

To keep your flooring looking it's best, you will need to follow a few elementary steps.
  • If you spill on the floor, rapidly wipe it up. The flooring will absorb liquid, so it's significant to take care of spills as soon as you can.
  •  Clean your cork flooring frequently with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. Yes, cork is a fairly tough material, but you should make sure to sweep up debris often as it can scratch the finish.
  • Never mop the floor with water. Use specially formulated solvents to clean heavily soiled or stained areas.
  •  The flooring surface finish may fade after years of use. Merely employ the services of a finish specialist to bring back the original appearance of your floors.

In closing, given it's fairly reasonable costs, environmentally-friendly characteristics, durability, walking comfort and attractiveness, cork flooring is a notable option for homeowners looking to live their eco-friendly lifestyle with a fantastic looking floor.

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